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Camden State Park
Descriptions of Selected Resources

Minnesota state parks contain a variety of historic properties. These images are representative of the Rustic Style historic resources built in Minnesota state parks.

Click to see larger image of Drinking Fountain at Camden State Park Drinking Fountains
Builder: CCC
Architect: R.A. Skogland
Date: 1953

Two drinking fountains are located in the picnic area of the park. Each fountain rests on a round base of stone flagging. The fountains are constructed with field stone with a flat stone placed at the top. The fountains are 2' square at the base, rise 3' high, and taper to 1'8" at the top. These are the only examples in the state park system of drinking fountains constructed of uncut field stone rather than the typical split stone.

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Click to see larger image of Custodian's Cabin at Camden State Park Custodian's Cabin
Builder: CCC
Architect: Edward W. Barber
Date: 1935

The Custodian's Cabin is an L-shaped structure containing a living room, kitchen, two bedrooms and bath. Stonework is confined to the principal facade, with the remaining walls finished with rough vertical board siding with wooden pegs. The cabin is covered with a gable roof with projecting lookouts. The living room features a brick fireplace and hardwood flooring. A third bedroom was added to the rear of the building.

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