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Lake Carlos Water Tower and Sanitation Building Lake Carlos State Park
National Register Listing:
July 1992

Five WPA/Rustic Style historic resources are located in Lake Carlos State Park on the northwest shore of Lake Carlos. Two resources are included within a one-acre group camp and three resources are in the public use area of a 14-acre historic district. Architects for the park buildings were from the Central Design Office of the National Park Service and the Design Office within the Division of State Parks.

The parks historic district includes these resources:

Group Camp
Mess Hall
Crafts Building
Public Use Area
Water Tower
Sanitation Building
Bath House

Historical Significance

Located in west central Minnesota, Lake Carlos State Park was considered an important link in the state park system because it provided a recreational facility in one of the state's summer resort centers. The park attracted a large local population and tourists from other states.

The buildings in the public use area of the park are architecturally significant as examples of Rustic Style split-stone construction. The Mess Hall and the Crafts Building in the group camp area represent two of only five group camp buildings constructed in the entire state park system that are not located in the St. Croix Recreational Demonstration Area.

Park History

Lake Carlos State Park was established in 1938 with funds appropriated by the State Legislature in 1937. The park is one of fourteen established between 1937 and 1938.

For current information about Lake Carlos State Park, go to the DNR website.