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Lake Carlos State Park
Descriptions of Selected Resources

Minnesota state parks contain a variety of historic properties. These images are representative of the Rustic Style historic resources built in Minnesota state parks.

Click to see larger image of Lake Carlos Water Tower and Sanitation Building Water Tower and Pump House
Builder: WPA
Architect: National Park Service
Date: 1938-39

Sanitation Building
Builder: WPA
Architect: State of Minnesota
Date: 1940

The Water Tower and Pump House consists of a 14'6"-square section for the Water Tower and an adjacent 11'6" x 10' one-story section for the Pump House. The tower is constructed of split stone rising to a height of 7'10" followed by a 10' frame section with vertical boards and battens. The tower is capped by a hip roof that adds an additional 4' to the building. Louvered openings are placed just under the eaves on both the north and south facades. A canopy supported by timber brackets shelters the entrance. The pump house, also constructed with split stone, is covered by a shed roof. The original casement windows have been infilled.

The Sanitation Building (at right in photo) is a 28' x 18' structure covered with a gable roof. Split stone walls rise to a height of 3 1/2' with rough 10" horizontal siding above the stonework. Board-and-batten siding is used in the gable ends. Four-light casement windows that hinge at the bottom are organized in pairs on all four sides of the building. The stonework on the south (lake) facade extends beyond the end walls to form entrance screens. The screens are completed with vertical boards that rest on the low stone walls. Lookouts project from the gables. The building's original wooden shingles have been replaced with asphalt; new fixtures and skylights were added during a 1963 remodeling.

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