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Descriptions of Selected Resources

Minnesota state parks contain a variety of historic properties. These images are representative of the Rustic Style historic resources built in Minnesota state parks.

Retaining Wall at Interstate State Park Retaining Wall
Builder: WPA
Architect: State of Minnesota
Date: 1938

A Retaining Wall is constructed in Interstate State Park at the boat landing along the St. Croix River. The wall is approximately 150' long and is constructed with native basalt. The retaining wall is 8' to 10' high and its present appearance may date from two separate periods of construction. The upper portion was completed by the WPA.

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Interstate State Park Shelter/Refectory Shelter/Refectory
Builder: WPA
Architect: Taylor
Date: 1938

The Shelter/Refectory is a T-shaped structure built with basalt stone and covered by a gable roof. The overall dimensions of the building are 55'6" x 35'6". The shelter is located in the long portion of the T while the refectory was once located in a top of the T. The shelter may be entered through both the east and facades through two 7' openings that are separated by 2'6" x 1'6" stone piers. These entrances are flanked by 5' wide openings that pierce the stonework. All openings feature corbelled masonry. The shelter contains massive stone fireplace with a segmental arch.

The concession contained two service counters, one that opened into the shelter and one that opened on the south, exterior wall. The opening on the exterior wall features a segmental arch covered by a canopy supported by log brackets. The concession was converted into rest rooms during a 1976 remodeling. The original wooden shingles have been replaced with asphalt.

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