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Kitchen and Concession at Minneopa State Park Minneopa State Park
National Register Listing:
October 1989

The seven Minneopa State Park WPA/Rustic Style historic resources are located in two areas in a 58-acre historic district. The park takes its name from Minneopa Creek, which runs through the park and tumbles over two waterfalls into a deep-cut rock gorge.

The park’s historic district includes these resources:

Concentrated Use Area
Kitchen & Concession
Pump House
Drinking Fountain
Steps and Retaining Walls
Service Yard
Custodian’s Cabin
Garage/Office/Tool Room

Historical Significance

Minneopa State Park is representative of a number of early state parks that were developed adjacent to small towns and cities. Because these parks generally served only the local community, many were eventually transferred from the state park system to city or county agencies. Minneopa is one of the few remaining examples of this particular type of park.

Minneopa State Park WPA/Rustic Style historic resources are architecturally significant as outstanding examples of Rustic Style construction featuring sandstone. The Sanitation Building is an unusually finely crafted example of stone-and-timber construction.

Park History

Minneopa State Park is one of the oldest state parks in Minnesota. The land for the park was acquired in 1905 to protect the area around Minneopa Falls for public use. Minneopa was considered a local park, providing recreational facilities to the nearby city of Mankato.

For current information about Minneopa State Park, go to the DNR website.