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Minnesota state parks contain a variety of historic properties. These images are representative of the Rustic Style historic resources built in Minnesota state parks.

Shelter Pavilion at Scenic State Park Shelter Pavilion
Builder: CCC
Architect: Edward W. Barber
Date: 1934-35

The Shelter Pavilion is a 55' x 30' structure with a 20' x 11' projection to the rear for a concession. The building rests on a concrete foundation with a split-stone face and is constructed with 10" peeled logs with saddle-notched corners. Stone is also employed in the construction of a massive fireplace on the south wall and a flagstone terrace of random flat stones. The structural system consists of log trusses that support the gabled roof. The building features two centrally located pairs of plank doors with strap hinges flanked by 8-light casement windows.

Historic View of Shelter Pavilion at Scenic State ParkThe Shelter Pavilion is featured in a 1935 National Park Service publication entitled Park Structures and Facilities. Author Albert H. Good comments, "In this example Minnesota justifies her advantage of superior native timber resources by the fine character of the log construction..... No one region seems to have been blest beyond its fair share of natural resources of the first flight. An imagined ideal park structure....would assuredly specify logs and log construction from Minnesota."

Closup of Shelter Pavilion BenchThe Shelter Pavilion (see historic view of the interior) contains a large collection of rustic style furniture including tables and benches constructed with split logs and log slabs, log seats with picturesque branches used for the backs, and massive tables constructed with giant tree trunks. Ole Evensen, a local woodsman hired by the CCC, supervised the construction of the Rustic Style furniture. The shelter also contains a CCC-constructed woodland scene housed in a glass case with a rustic log frame. The miniature scene contains carved trees, plants, birds and animals, all painted in a realistic manner. Three paintings executed by CCC enrollee Willian Lewis hang in the north gable of the shelter. The paintings depict a forest scene before, during and after a fire.

Also located at the park are several hand-crafted chairs of split log construction with carved and painted designs featuring a loon or ladyslipper. A carved wooden plaque was also executed by the CCC crew and was apparently designed for one of the park's rental cabins. The plaque is inscribed, "This cabin constructed and decorated by C.C.C. Co. 1722 1933-34." The plaque is hand-painted and depicts the E'Toile Du Nord scene.

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