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Canby Commercial Historic District
(Number of National Register contributing properties: 24)

County:  Yellow Medicine
City or Township:  Canby
1. Property:  ACE Recreation
  Address:  115 St. Olaf Ave. N.
  Date:   1895
2. Property:  Anthony's
  Address:  120 St. Olaf Ave. N.
3. Property:  Bud's Rec
  Address:  122 St. Olaf Ave. N.
  Date:   1895
4. Property:  Canby Crafts and Variety/Kyds Stable
  Address:  101-105 St. Olaf Ave. N.
  Date:   1938
5. Property:  Canby Ford-Mercury
  Address:  201 1st St. W.
  Date:   1910
6. Property:  Canby Home Bakery
  Address:  116 St. Olaf Ave. N.
  Date:   1895
7. Property:  Canby Theater
  Address:  109 St. Olaf Ave. N.
  Date:   1935
8. Property:  Canby's Mens' Wear
  Address:  129 St. Olaf Ave. N.
9. Property:  CAS Plumbing and Heating
  Address:  107 1st St. E.
10. Property:  Coblers Corner and Color Center
  Address:  133-137 St. Olaf Ave. N.
  Date:   1894
11. Property:  Dairy Store
  Address:  139 St. Olaf Ave. N.
  Date:   1892
12. Property:  E.B. Coil Jewelry
  Address:  113 St. Olaf Ave. N.
13. Property:  Insurance Service
  Address:  128 St. Olaf Ave. N.
14. Property:  Lage Catalog Sales
  Address:  124 St. Olaf Ave. N.
15. Property:  Lindrud Building
  Address:  110 St. Olaf Ave. N.
16. Property:  Midway Cafe/Canby Appliance/Sears Roebuck & Co.
  Address:  115-125 1st St. W.
  Date:   1895
17. Property:  National Bank of Canby
  Address:  102 St. Olaf Ave. N.
  Date:   1917
18. Property:  Old Darrell's Coiffures
  Address:  126 St. Olaf Ave. N.
  Date:   1895
19. Property:  Paulson Drug and Laundro Wash
  Address:  130-134 St. Olaf Ave. N.
  Date:   1894
20. Property:  Production Credit Assoc./Karen's Step
  Address:  121-125 St. Olaf Ave. N.
21. Property:  Schrunk Building
  Address:  105 1st St. E.
22. Property:  Severson, Qualley and Boulton
  Address:  117 St. Olaf Ave N.
23. Property:  Swennes Arcade
  Address:  108 St. Olaf Ave. N.
24. Property:  Ted Rotenberger's Building
  Address:  127 1st St. W.

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