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This web site culminates two projects of Minnesota's State Historic Preservation Office that grew out of the SHPO's long-held commitment to public education about historic preservation. For 30 years SHPO staff have worked to identify, evaluate, designate and protect the state's most important historic resources. The result: a wealth of data and more than 1,500 Minnesota listings on the National Register of Historic Places. To make those resources accessible to a wider public, the SHPO conceived this web-based project.

The project was guided by a steering committee of staff and other preservation advocates, teams of consultants developed a variety of approaches to exploring Minnesota's National Register properties and identified themes for each approach. Four of those themes, and 90 National Register properties that illustrate them, are featured here. More themes will be added over time.

Funding for the project was approved by the Minnesota Legislature [1999 Laws, Ch. 231, Sec. 16, Subd. 5 (a)] as recommended by the Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources from the Minnesota Trust Fund.

It was always the goal to make information about all of Minnesota's National Register properties accessible on the web. The latest addition to this site is a searchable database of all Minnesota's National Register listings that comprise some 7,000 individual properties. This database is updated and expanded frequently as new listings are added to the Register and as more information is made available in digital format. All National Register determinations, including contributing/noncontributing status within historic districts, are subject to change. The Statewide Inventory at the Minnesota Historic Preservation Office contains the only accurate and up-to-date information about all National Register listings.

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