Photo of summer outing in a steam launch, ca. 1910.
Getaways through the Years

In Minnesota, getaways have traditionally meant a week at the lake or a hike in the woods. But a getaway does not require a remote location. To Minnesotans, the local tavern, a city park or even the public library can provide an escape, albeit brief, from everyday life. A look at Minnesota getaways over the past 150 years reveals the many ways residents have spent their leisure time.

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Photo of Mitchell Saloon in Wykoff Commercial Historic District.
Go to selection of 19th-century getaways. 19th Century
Community settings from saloons to libraries provided places to socialize.
Photo of Fairmont Opera House.
Go to selection of turn-of-the-century getaways. Turn of the Century
Prosperity brought leisure time for going to the opera or going to the lake.
Photo of Main Lodge at Burntside Lodge.
Go to selection of early 1900s getaways. The 1900s
New getaways emerged - from private clubs to health retreats - and northern tourism grew.
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