Photo of iron mining in Chisholm, 1900.
Iron Range Region

For more than half a century, Minnesota's iron ranges supplied the iron ore that fed the nation's steel mills. First mined in the 1880s, the three ranges - the Vermilion, Mesabi and Cuyuna - provided the economic underpinnings of northeastern Minnesota. They also drew waves of immigrant workers, creating the state's most diverse melting pot and a distinctive cultural legacy that still defines the region. Although mining has declined since the 1960s, the mines and the tight-knit communities they fostered have developed a new industry focused on cultural-heritage tourism.

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Photo of Hull-Rust-Mahoning Mine. 
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Featuring an underground mine, an open pit mine and a sintering plant.
Photo of William A. Irvin. 
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Ore traveled by rail to Lake Superior for shipment to eastern ports.
Photo of Coleraine Carnegie Library.
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Mining companies built model towns and spurred community improvements.
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