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National Farmers' Bank of Owatonna
Designed by Louis Sullivan, with lavish ornamentation by George Elmslie.

Clarks Grove Cooperative Creamery
A cooperative creamery serving the state's dairy industry.

Pickwick Mill
One of the oldest existing waterpower gristmills in Minnesota.

Eugene Saint Julien Cox House
Elaborate Gothic home of St. Peter's first mayor.

William J. Mayo House (Mayo Foundation House)
Home of physician who, with his brother Charles, developed private medical clinic concept.

Mankato Holstein Farm Barn
Clay-tile barn with rainbow-arched roof housed dairy cattle breeding operation.

Pleasant Grove Masonic Lodge
Oldest known Minnesota building in continuous use as a Masonic lodge.

Mitchell Saloon (in Wykoff Commercial Historic District)
Earliest extant building in Wykoff Commercial Historic District.

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