Photo of Fergus Falls State Hospital, 1915.
A Minnesota Sampler

A quick trip around the state uncovers the rich variety of architectural resources that have helped define Minnesota. These resources reveal much about how the state has changed over the past 150 years - how architectural styles have come and gone, how economics shaped communities and why some building types have disappeared. This sampler of National Register properties looks at some of the thousands of Minnesota buildings identified as significant - from the grand to the humble, the typical to the unique, and even some of the quirky.

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Photo of E. St. Julien Cox House.
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A few of the many Minnesota houses noted for their historical or architectural significance.
Photo of Alfred R. Voss Farmstead barn.
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A sampling of Minnesota barns reflecting different eras and types of farming.
Photo of Zoar Moravian Church.
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Some Minnesota churches noted for their historical or architectural significance.
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