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A Minnesota Sampler: Historical Overview

From Main Street to flour mill, depot to diner, courthouse to colossal statue, each of the properties in this Minnesota sampler possesses qualities that make it worthy of preservation.

Some properties may be one-of-a-kind expressions of an architectural style. Others are particularly fine examples of more prevalent architectural styles. Some properties are significant for their ties to an important historical theme or period. Other property types - homes, barns, houses of worship - are so numerous in the National Register that a handful of each is included here to provide a better understanding of the wealth of architectural styles and building designs in Minnesota.

All of the properties say something about the times and circumstances in which they were built. Houses often reflect the status of their owner, for example. The variety of barns not only illustrates the significance of agriculture but also offers clues to the types of farming practiced throughout Minnesota's history. Other properties catalogued here represent the many facets of community life - ethnic pride, the economy, government, leisure-time activities and more.


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