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Community Growth: Sabin S. Murdock House

Location: Clara Avenue, Murdock, Swift County
Built: 1878
Builder: Sabin S. Murdock
Listed on NRHP: August 15, 1985

The town of Murdock differs from most towns built along rail lines because the railroad company did not encourage its creation. Entrepreneur Sabin S. Murdock purchased 3,000 acres of land from the St. Paul and Pacific Railroad in 1876 and, with a partner, platted a town site eventually named for him. Although the railroad company refused to build a depot there, it agreed to build a platform on the condition that Murdock pay the salary of the railway agent stationed there. By 1879 a depot was finally built, presumably financed by Murdock. A businessman with many interests, Murdock also owned and operated his own farm, a grain elevator and a large stable. He may even have tried his hand at architecture, designing the Victorian house he shared with his wife, Mary.

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