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--Preservation of historical records is the key to the collective memory of a society and is necessary for the full development of its history, culture, and civic life.

NOTE: This site is being re-designed and certain links no longer work. For more information about the SHRAB and its activities, please contact Shawn Rounds at shawn.rounds@mnhs.org or 651-259-3265.


The Minnesota State Historical Records Advisory Board (SHRAB) is the statewide advisory body for historical records planning and preservation in Minnesota. The Board undertakes the assessment and evaluation of historical records throughout the state, promoting interest in their preservation.

The Board encourages the development of cooperative solutions to records issues whose outcome or application have potential for broad impact on the theory and practice of historical records preservation, and which make records of key national, regional and state historical significance available for use.

The Board is affiliated with the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC), and its goals are similar to those of the Commission. NHPRC was created by Congress in 1934 to provide grants for the identification, preservation, and use of public and private papers and records that further an understanding and appreciation of local, state, and national history. In order to receive federal grants under the records program, states were required to establish state historical records advisory boards. When Minnesota established its Board in 1975, it was among the first in the nation to do so.

Chief among the Board's functions is to encourage and evaluate proposals originating in the state and recommend action to NHPRC. The Board's interests are those of NHPRC, and any grant proposal which fits the NHPRC criteria will be considered by the Board.

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Whom to Contact

Institutions which are interested in developing grant proposals, or which have general questions about the Board or the NHRPC, are encouraged to write or call:

Shawn Rounds
State Archivist
Division of Library and Collections
Minnesota Historical Society
345 Kellogg Blvd W
St. Paul, MN 55102

Email: shawn.rounds@mnhs.org phone: 651-259-3265