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Northern Lights: How to Order the New Edition


The Revised Second Edition (R2E) is slated to be published by the the fall of 2013. Between now and then, some Northern Lights customers will enter social studies adoption cycles. For schools and districts who wish to purchase R2E, but are required to spend curriculum funds prior to its release, we have established a bridge pricing policy.

  • Under this policy, customers purchase Second Edition (2003) books at Revised Second Edition prices (projected publication in 2013), with a PO stating that MHS agrees to send R2E books free of charge upon publication.
  • All bridge pricing purchases will be facilitated by Suzi Hunn Gran, Curriculum Specialist, Minnesota Historical Society (as opposed to standard Northern Lights orders, which the customer routes directly to the Chicago Distribution Center).
    Phone: 651-259-3431
    Fax: 651-259-3434
    Email: suzanne.gran@mnhs.org
  • The customer will receive 2003 books upon order placement. Although some customers will not need these books, MHS must ship them because of the accounting requirement that any funds we receive during a given fiscal year must be in exchange for goods or services provided during that same fiscal year. Then, upon publication of R2E, MHS will provide the same number of updated books free of charge (with the exception of shipping fees, which the customer pays).

Purchase Orders

  • The customer must include the following wording on the purchase order (PO):
    Northern Lights Revised Second Edition Bridge Package: By purchasing the 2003 edition of Northern Lights, the customer will receive the same number of printed Revised Second Edition Student Editions and Annotated Teacher’s Editions, upon publication. In order to be eligible for this offer, the customer must route this PO directly to the Minnesota Historical Society, NOT to the Chicago Distribution Center.”

The PO must also specify the following:

  • Northern Lights Student Edition, 978-0-87351-440-8
    • Retail Price, $62.50
    • School Discount, 20%
    • School Price, $50.00
    • Qty _____
  • Northern Lights Annotated Teacher's Edition, 978-0-087531-441-5
    • Retail Price, $62.50
    • School Discount, 20%
    • School Price, $50.00
    • Qty _____
  • NOTE: Please estimate 10% for shipping costs.
  • NOTE: The Bridge Pricing Policy refers to only to Phase 1 of R2E, which includes the printed Student Edition and Annotated Teacher’s Edition. Phases 2 and 3, which will feature interactive digital tools, are not eligible.
  • NOTE: Until R2E books are published, customers also have the option of buying Second Edition (2003) books outright, at 50% of the Second Edition's original price.