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The Civil War

Title: Letter From Washington D.C.
Type: Letter
Date: 1861
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: After three months in the army, Edward L. Davis wrote this letter from Washington, D.C.


Washington DC. July 27th 1861

Friend Emma

yours of the 17th was received Monday after I returned to Alexandera and was read with pleasure, was glad to know that you and your family were well. I had not heard from home for over a week and after returning from a long and tedious Tiring. march of a week. I ashure you to receive a line from Red Wing at that time; was a great pleasure to see ... I have no news of importance to Interest you with, I was in the Battle on Sunday, we were in close quarters and a tight Place and many a Brave fellow in our Regiment met a Soldier's death. I never Recall of the like of that battle in my life soon ... I never wish to see the like again we went at front ... of ... several times. It is a great wonder how one of the Big Event escaped from being killed. Joseph Jamison was wounded; and we supposed him dead but have not heard from any of the wounded or the surgeons since the Battle, our retreat was so sudden that the wounded were probably taken Prisoners and it is rumored that they killed all the wounded. Charlie Harris was killed. we lost 17 from our Company only 2 heard from supposed to be living the rest seemed dead 11 we know was killed of our Co - the Col - official report - is 48 killed 107 wounded and 44 missing in the Regament though it will ekceed that not withstanding their unfair way of fighting Something that gave the enemy an unfair advantage. and in not knowing of their forces and batteries, we can whip them 2 to one and even 3 to one in a fair fight. The men in our Reg showed much skill and bravery and but for their loading our guns laying down not one of would likely have lived to tell the tale of the battle at ... which we all well remember to the ... day we shall live. for it was the hardest days work I ever expect to do we marched 12 miles from Centerville to the battle ground and fought over 2 hours hard fighting and even retreated to Alexandera 42 miles doing all inside of 31 hours and only 2 hours elect during the time and going without food for 24 hours haveing thrown off our rations Food supply. before going into the field of action. Lieutenant Welch Lt. Abraham Edwards Welch, from Red Wing, was found alive later. was wounded and missing it is suppsed he is dead it is reported or rumored rather that the enemy burnt the hospital and killed the wounded on the field. I believe it they are a set of barabarians at the best. Colville A colonel from Red Wing(spelled Colvill). fought like a tiger and took ... Prisoners...