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Moving Hibbing

Title: Article About the Move
Type: Newspaper
Date: July 15, 1919
Source: Hibbing Daily Tribune

Description: This is an article on how moving homes had become a common sight in Hibbing.



Hibbing Residents Hear About Their Town Being Moved to Central Addition.

Moving Hibbing makes good space for every outside publication, The author is describing newspapers that are not locally printed. He is saying that newspapers in other towns are talking about Hibbing's move. judging from the following appearing in the Iron Ore The newspaper that published this article. and credited to Skillings Review:

Skilling's Mining Review is another publication in the Lake Superior region that mentioned Hibbing's move.

"Building operations in the new Central addition to Hibbing, Minn., and other parts of Alice, A town just south of Hibbing that accommodated many of the buildings moved from North Hibbing. are being pushed this summer and a new town is rapidly springing up. The Oliver Iron Mining company has moved most of the dwellings on Cedar and Center streets lying between First and Second avenues, out to their new townsite. Many other buldings are being moved from various locations in the old Hibbing, and a house can be seen moving rapidly down First avenue almost every day.

"Work on the new Rood hospital has begun, while the new village power plant and many stores and residences are going up. "M.A. Hanna company was the first mining company to complete an office and dwellings in Central addition. The Cleveland Cliffs company is erecting an office and their superintendent, Max Barber, is building a handsome residence on the south edge of Alice. The Pillsbury-Bennett-Longyear Interests, as the Meriden Iron company, is preparing to plat The act of mapping or charting a piece of land. A plat was also the document that showed the divisions of the land into parcels. a forty east of the Central addition, which will furnish additional ground for the new Hibbing.

"The 'Richest Village' is on the move, and it keeps residents and business men guessing as to just how much of it will move, and what will become of the rest of it. It is a big operation and cannot be done al lat once, but certain it is that the Oliver Iron Mining company will soon need the ore on the townsite forty (lot 5 n section G, 57-20). This forty, by the way, is presumed The author is assuming that the area has one of the largest tonnages of iron ore on the Mesaba, but it has not been proven yet. to have one of the largest tonnages of Iron ore on the Mesaba, estimated at between 25,000,000 and 50,000,000.

"Heavy shipments from the Oliver's big properties have made enlargement of the pits necessary and steam shovels are crowding closer upop the village every year. The next few years will surely witness great changes in Hibbing."

"Business must proceed even if some people are discommoded. The speaker is saying that business will continue, even if the business people are inconvenienced in some ways by the move. The work has to move."