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Title: Railroads Helping the Iron Range
Type: Book
Date: 1927
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: This is a section from a book on the Duluth & Iron Range railroad Company.


The history of the Duluth and Iron Range Rail Road is closely associated with the iron ore industry of Minnesota. The Railroad was built for and by the Minnesota Iron Company, which had been formed to develop the iron ore deposits at Soudan, the mining location adjacent Next to. to Tower in 62-15. Location within a township. It was from this location that the first iron ore was shipped in the State of Minnesota, and continuously to date.

During the ore season from May to November inclusive, and equating the average haul, the average load, average tons of ore per train, the entire length of the Road, the following figures are obtained:

Average number of loaded ore cars per ore train 51.9
Average haul—Ore Freight 74.5 miles
Average haul—Miscellaneous Freight 65.0 miles
Average load—Ore Freight 51.4 tons (2000 lbs.)
Tons of ore per or train South 2668 tons (2000 lbs.)

Tonnage moved in 1926, in tons of 2000 pounds:

Ore 7,439,664
Coal 146,875
Forest Products 344,836
All Other Freight 120,062
Total Revinue Freight 8,051,437
Total Car Miles 26,194,433
Total Locomotive Miles 1,220,697

Passenger train service is maintained, consisting of one train between terminals of Duluth and Ely in both directions daily, with two connecting trains at Allen Junction for Western Mesaba Branch points (Virginia, etc.)
Number of freight trains in various classes of service, other than ore, per day 9