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Sea Wing Disaster

Title: Victim's Death Certificate
Type: Document
Date: 1890
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: The coroner issued these death certificates to the families of those who perished in the disaster.



Coroner's Public official who determines the cause of death. report to the Clerk of the District Court of Goodhue County, State of Minesota , regarding the death of Mrs. John Shiffer and her 2 children of Red Wing in the disaster on Lake Pepin July 13, A.D. 1890. After making investigation I found the following facts:

That said Mrs. John Shiffer with her 2 children went on the Steamer Sea Wing at Red Wing to go with the excursion party to Lake City and back on the 13th day of July, A.D. 1890, and on their return left Lake City about 8 o'clock in the afternoon of said day for Red Wing and after coming up the Lake about four miles a violent storm arose and capsized the boat - leaving said Mrs. Shiffer and children in the Lake without any means by which they could save themself from drowning. The above Mrs. Shiffer was about 25 years of age. and her Children 6 months baby and about 2 year old Child. in the morning of July 14th A.D. 1890 their bodys was found in Lake Pepin and brought to Red Wing on Steamer Howard Name of a steam-powered boat. and delivered to Kayser the undertaker Funeral director. for burial

There being no sign on their bodys of any violence, or any reason to belive or suspect any foul play, I therefore decided that no inquest Investigation. was necessary and that they came to their death by drowning, from being thrown into the Lake when the steamer capsized on July 13, A.D. 1890, and so report.

Dated Red Wing, Minn., July 24, 1890.

John E. Styllo
Coroner of Goodhue County, Minn.