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The Strike of 1916

Title: Crossing the Picket Line
Type: Newspaper
Date: June 30, 1916
Source: Duluth News Tribune

Description: This article describes how some strikers treated workers who chose to keep working.


PICKETS Strikers positioned at the workplace. THREATEN WORKMEN AT MINES

HIBBING, June 29.—John Adams, an American miner at the Sellers mine was threatened with bodily violence by a group of striking pickets as he approached the mine entrance this morning. Resisting the advances of the strikers he started to enter the mine grounds when one of the leaders stepped up to him.

"Well, d---n you," he said, "you won't get home from work tonight." Many reports and complaints were turned in during the day of miners having had their dinner pails taken from them by force, in the hope that the absence of something to eat would keep them away from work.

Eno Schychero, also an employee of the Sellers mine, was attacked in the alley between Third and Fourth avenues on Pine street and robbed of his dinner pail before he was allowed to proceed.

The tension is growing between the opposing parties. The action of the council last night in advertising itself as being disposed to protect working men The council wanted to protect those who were crossing picket lines to go on strike. going to and from the pits has encouraged some of the timid ones, Miners who had been afraid to return to work. and today four engines were working at the Hull-Rust mines.

Pickets were maintained by the strikers at all mine entrances, principally at the Hull-Rust mines, Third avenue and North street, the Buffalo mine, Washington street and Fifth avenue and at the Sellers mine. Behind the shingle-roofed entrances, armed deputy sheriffs were watching the proceedings.