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Ard Godfrey

Title: Letter Describing His Work at the Sawmill
Type: Letter
Date: 1848
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: Ard Godfrey describes his work on the sawmills at the Falls of St. Anthony.


St. Anthony Falls
March 12, 1848

My dear Wife, I received your letter of the 29 of January, 16 days ago. I had not time to answer in the same mail altho I had one in the office I think the People in Bangor City in Maine, Godfrey's home. must feel rather blue about the lumbering business as they have had as bad a winter We have had a very cold; dry winter here it is quite cold today the wind blows pretty hard. I have got the dam most done and have built some piers for the boom, and in short, I have got along with the work much better than I supposed last fall. I have got along better since Mr. Cheever went off than before for I have no one to bother me on my assignment. I have not determined yet what time I shall start for home. But if I do not stay to build the mill I shall start about the first May you can answer this letter and wait for my next for further information. If Mr. Cheever comes back to stop here as agent I shall leave the first boat after he arrives for I believe he is a bigger fool than I am and that is needless