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Joseph Hancock

Title: Working at the School in Red Wing
Type: Book
Date: 1905
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: In this section of Hancock's article, he talks about his work at the school in Red Wing and his efforts to learn the Dakota language.



Our first and most important work consisted in learning to use the Dakota language. The people were very kind to help us in this matter by using signs. The work of writing down new words with their meaning in English occupied most of our spare moments.

A day school was opened for the children as soon as possible. While in St. Paul I purchased a good-sized hand bell, with which to let the children know the time to assemble at the schoolroom. This one step toward regularity was hailed with enthusiasm. I soon found another incentive Bribe. quite helpful in securing regular attendance. I bought raisins by the box, and a few, such as a child could hold in one hand, given at the close of school, were almost sure to bring the child next day. I had learned that regular attendance at the government school at Long Prairie was the result of daily rations which were distributed to the children at the close of school.