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Lucius Hubbard

Title: Newspaper Article
Type: Newspaper
Date: 1861
Source: Goodhue County Republican

Description: Hubbard was the editor of the Goodhue County Republican and issued this note about the newspaper's delivery during the Civil War.


Goodhue Co. Republican.
RED WING, MAY 10, 1861

Great Reduction in Price.
The Weekly Republican for One Dollar and Fifty Cents.

From and after this date the Weekly Republican will be furnished to single subscribers at one dollar and fifty cents per year. The advanatages at present offered by the REPUBLICAN, are certainly sufficient to make it worth that sum to every person in Goodhue county who desires to obtain the latest intelligence Most up-to-date information. concerning the great events now rapidly transpiring. Happening. Each issue contains full telegraphic news Non-local news sent by telegraph. for the week from all parts of the county, and as late as the morning on which it is published. We are about to see exciting times. The Government is rapidly preparing itself for a vigorous prosecution of the war. Strong, forceful effort to win the war. We shall soon have stirring events to chronicle, and every one must take a lively interest in the position of affairs as time progresses. The most vital interests of every citizen of the country is at stake. The question whether we have a government, whether we are to have any protection in our persons and property, is now pending Waiting to be decided. and is to be solved in the issue of the present contest. The Civil War. We offer our paper to those of all past party connections. Those who had objected to the paper's political views before war broke out. The old lines of division among us are now obliterated, Removed. and all loyal citizens stand upon a common platform. A shared set of values and goals. We are all Americans, nothing else. Every other consideration is swallowed up in the great movement to vindicate Defend. our claim to the title. The bitterness of the past is forgotten, the great issue of the present only seen. We offer our paper to all those who desire to obtain the latest news, whether of a general or local nature.