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James Lawther

Title: Letter From Cannon Falls Milling Company
Type: Letter
Date: 1876
Source: Goodhue County Historical Society

Description: Lawther did business with the Cannon Falls Milling Company. This letter was sent to him to describe the sale of his grain to the company and the payment he could expect for the grain.



Cannon Falls Mill

Cannon Falls, Minn., Oct 26th 1876

Mr. Jas Lawther
Red Wing

Dear Sir

Enclosed please find draft Check. for three hundred & thirty three 30/100 dollars Proceeds of wheat in Cannon Falls Mill in your name - vis

150 bushels A unit of measure for grain products. New Crop Harvested recently. @ 95c    142.50                                       
178 " No 1 old Harvested and stored earlier. @95 less storage Mills charged farmers for the storage of their grain. The storage fee was subtracted from the sale of the grain before passing the earnings on to the farmer. 5ct    160.20                                       
36 " No 2 " @90 ct" "    30.60                                       

The above are the prices agreed upon with John McNalley as memorandoned Written. in wheat book under date of Oct 16th 1876

Hopeing [sic] the above will be satisfactory we remain

Yours Truly
R. Gregg & Co.
E.W. Grosvenor