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Edmund Longyear

Title: Letter From a Potential Customer
Type: Letter
Date: July 1, 1901
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: Prospectors on the Mesaba Range often asked Longyear to do some drilling for them. This is one of those requests.


1012 Marquette Bldg.

Chicago, July 1st, 1901.

Mr. E.J. Longyear,
Hibbing, Minn.

Dear Sir: -

We desire to have some drilling done near Biwabik, Town on the Iron Range. upon some property we are interested in, as owners of the fee, Land he has rights to mine. and write you to know ... whether you would be willing to undertake it. And if so upon what terms, At what cost and other conditions. and when you could get at it. We have had some pits sunk down to water and rock, reaching them at various depths, and if ore is discovered will desire to do sufficient work to show up what there is there.

I refer you to Mr. W.J. Olcott, if you desire to know anything about me; and might also add that I am one of the Trustees of the estate of John M. Williams, Property left by Williams when he died. deceased, and that it is upon property of that estate that we desire to have the work done. This estate owns the fee of the Biwabik mine.

Very truly Yours,
Parke E. Simmons

[Handwritten at the bottom]

Tell him I regret that I cannot quote him prices for drill work at present on account of pressure of other work.