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State Historic Preservation Office

7. List of Resources

7.1 Web Sites

These sites are representative of the resources that are available on the Internet. The FEMA sites are very informative and get you access to practical information on before, during and after a disaster.

7.2 Videos: SHPO has copies of these videos on file.

"After the Flood, Water Damage and Your Historic Building" Historic Preservation Information Service, University of South Dakota, 1994.

"Hiring a Contractor, Energy Efficient Housing," Minnesota Division of Emergency Management, 1998.

"Historic Preservation," Minnesota Division of Emergency Management, 1998.

"Safeguarding our Cultural Heritage," Getty Conservation Institute for the National Task Force on Emergency Management, 1994.

"Wind Resistant Construction," Minnesota Division of Emergency Management, 1998.

7.3 Publications: SHPO has of these publications on file.

"After the Flood, Rehabilitating Historic Resources," Historic Preservation Division, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, 1996.

"Disaster Management Programs for Historic Sites," edited by Dirk H.R. Spennemann and David W. Look, Association for Preservation Technology, Western Chapter, San Francisco, and U. S. National Park Service, 1998.

"Safeguarding Your Historic Site, Basic Preparedness and Recovery Measures for Natural Disasters" Federal Emergency Management Agency, Region I.

"Treatment of Flood-Damaged Older and Historic Buildings," Information Booklet No. 82, National Trust for Historic Preservation, 1993.

"Windstorm Mitigation Manual for Light Frame Construction," University of Illinois, August 1997.