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State Capital Projects Grants-in-Aid

State Capital Projects Grants-in-Aid

General Information

The State Capital Projects Grants-in-Aid Program supports historic preservation projects of publicly owned buildings.

Application Materials


Brandon Auditorium

The Society's Grants Office has transitioned to an entirely on-line grants system. Applicants access the system through a grants portal . The portal provides access to everything you'll need in administering a grant from the Minnesota Historical Society, from the pre-application stage through reporting on the completion of a project. Here you will be able to track where an application is in the review process as well as have access to information about previous grants you have received. The portal allows you to save your work on an application and come back to finish it later.

State Capital Projects Grants-in-Aid Program Grants Manual

The Manual provides information about the State Capital Projects Grants-in-Aid program. Use the manual to help you prepare your grant application. The manual also summarizes the requirements for administering grant projects.

On-Line Application
All the application materials can be found on the Grants Portal. To ensure that your application addresses all the factors relevant to your project and contains all the required information, please refer to the grants manual.

Previous grantees will already be in the system but will need to create an account in order to access it for the first time.

Go to the Grants Portal and click on "Create an account now" Complete and submit the form. You will receive an e-mail message with a user name and password within one business day. Once you are registered, you will be able to log in and complete your application.

Scope of Work Form

The scope of work is required with all applications. It is used to determine whether the proposed work meets the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the treatment of Historic Properties, a requirement of this grants program. This form can be downloaded here or from the Grants Portal. Please refer to the grants manual for more details. Instructions for completing the Scope of Work are on page one of the form.


Contact Information

Carolyn Veeser-Egbide
345 W. Kellogg Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55102.