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State Capital Projects Grants-in-Aid


Cook County Courthouse

Cook County Courthouse

The State Capital Projects Grant-in-Program is usually available annually during the fall grants cycle. The balance of the FY 2012 appropriation was awarded during the fall 2013 grants cycle. A request has been made to the legislature for additional funding for the program and will be considered during the 2014 legislative session. The fall 2014 grant cycle is dependent on the outcome of the session.

Tentative dates for the fall 2014 grants cycle are as follows:
Pre-applications: July 18, 2014
Final Applications: September 5, 2014

The grants portal is available through a link on the Society's website: www.mnhs.org/capitalgrants. The grants manual with further information can be downloaded at this site. For more information, call 651-259-3458 or e-mail – mandy.skypala@mnhs.org.