Celebrating 100 Years of Moving History Forward

Governor Dayton Proclaims September 2016, as Local Heritage Preservation Month in Minnesota.


Minnesota Historical Society Local History Services has been a fixture in the statewide history community for a very long time, it was among the earliest to provide them beginning on September 1, 1916.

One of the hallmarks of Local History Services is in person visits. From July through December of 2015, for example, staff were able to visit all 87 county historical societies and dozens of other history organizations in Minnesota which resulted in the article, "Materially Strengthened: The Minnesota Historical Society and Providing Field Services, for a summary of this century of intentional collaboration".

We've been working together for a century to save and share Minnesota's amazing history. Read more about this story or watch a short video about working together today.

Use the #movinghistoryforward hashtag on social media in regard to the Governor's Proclamation. Let's all take a moment to reflect together on what has been accomplished, and the work yet to come.