State Grants-in-Aid Program Overview


To support projects with long term results conducted by organizations and institutions that interpret and preserve Minnesota's history.

Availability of Funding

Approximately $187,000 will be available for 2008 winter cycle.

Approximately $158,000 will be available for 2008 fall cycle.


Grant Limitations

  1. Every grant must be matched at least on a dollar-for-dollar basis.
  2. Match may be in the form of cash, in-kind, or donated services and materials contributed for the project.
  3. Historic Properties may be awarded up to $50,000. Buildings listed in or determined eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places will receive additional consideration. Projects awarded more than $10,000 will receive their award on a reimbursable basis, and will sign Letters of Agreement commensurate with the amount awarded.
  4. The maximum award in categories 2-3, and 5-10, will be $10,000.
  5. The maximum award in category 4 (Microform Copies) will be $5,000.
  6. All applications must address the following: Justification of the project's importance within the organization's goals; explanation of the capacity building and transformational potential for the organization; and expected outcomes and deliverables that will significantly benefit the public.

Eligible Applicants

The primary recipients of state grants-in-aid awards are regional, county and local nonprofit organizations whose primary purpose is historical preservation and/or interpretation. Applications will also be considered from other nonprofit organizations and from units of government when the projects they propose are among those described below in Eligible Projects. Projects from non-historical organizations should fill a need that is not being met by a historical organization.

Eligible Projects

This program's 10 different project categories are described in detail in the Project Guidelines section of the State Grants-in-Aid Manual (revised September 1998).

  1. Historic Properties
  2. Artifact Collections
  3. Interpretive Programs
  4. Microform Copies
  5. Oral History
  6. Photographic Collections
  7. Manuscripts
  8. Publications and Research
  9. Museum Environments
  10. Technology

For more Information

For more information about this program please contact Melinda Hutchinson, Grants Associate, 651-259-3459.