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Milford Mine Historic District

Name of Property:Milford Mine Historic District
City or Vicinity: Wolford Township
County: County
State: MN
Name of Photographer: (contemporary photos) Michelle Terrell
Date of Photographs: (contemporary photos) June 2009
Location of Original Digital Files: Two Pines Resource Group, LLC

Main Street of the Milford Mine Complex, 1924, view to north. (A: Miners’ Housing; B: Water Tower; C: Headframe; D: Dry House)

Overview of Milford Mine Complex, 1924, view to southwest. (A: Water Tower; B: Hoist House; C: Headframe; D: Tailings)

Main Street of Milford Mine Complex, 2009, view to north.

Milford Mine Headframe with the Boiler House in the Background, 1924, view to southwest.

Clump of Trees Marking the Location of the Milford Mine’s Main Shaft Entrance, 2009, view to west.

Clump of Trees Marking the Location of the Second Mine Shaft Entrance, 2009, view to east

“DANGER CAVED GROUND KEEP OUT” Sign, 2009, view to north

Milford Mine, undated, view to north (A: Boiler House; B: Tailings; C: Headframe; D: Hoist House; E: Water Tower; F: Building 6).

Opening for Hoist Drum within the Hoist House (Building 2), 2009, view to south.

Machinery Mount for Air Compressor within the Hoist House (Building 2), 2009, view to south.

Northwest Pier of the Water Tower (Building 4), 2009.

Foundation of Building 8, 2009, view to northeast.

Cellarhole of Building 10, 2009, view to south.

Diesel Can on Surface Near Junction of Soo Line Grade and the Mine Spur Grade, 2009.

Remains of the Soo Line Trestle, 2009, view to the east.

Soo Line Grade along North Edge of Milford Lake, 2009, view to west.

Soo Line Grade, 2009, view to west.

Miners at Milford with the Mine’s Spur Grade in the Background, undated, view to north. (From left to right: Superintendent Harry Middlbrook, Steve “Bubash” Perpich, Martin Valencich, Frank Hrvatin, Jr., Gust Snyder, Jacob Ravnick, and Clyde Revord. Valencich and Revord were killed in the mine accident of February 5, 1924, while Frank Hrvatin, Jr. escaped the disaster.)