State Historic Preservation Office

Lincoln Bank Building

Name of Property:
City or Vicinity: Minneapolis
County: Hennepin County
State: MN
Name of Photographer: Elizabeth A. Gales
Date of Photographs: December 2010

Documentation (PDF)

General view of the building’s two primary facades: front on Hennepin Avenue (east, to right) and south on Eighth Street (left). Looking to the northwest.

General view of the front (east) facade (left) and north side (right). Looking to the southwest.

Detail of first two floors of front (east) facade showing the large openings that remain on the first floor and the ornate, wellpreserved terra-cotta on the second floor. Looking to the west.

North side to left; rear (west) side to right. Looking to the southeast.

Interior of former banking hall showing marble-clad columns. Opening in foreground can be filled in as part of rehabilitation project, if necessary for integrity. Note the high ceiling and large window area. Looking to the southeast.

The former banking hall, with marble-clad columns. A marble wall and door surround are in the background. The elevator lobby is in the alcove to the left. Looking to the northeast.

Room with marble-clad columns and walls directly west of main banking hall, below original mezzanine. Looking to the east.

Ornate historic metalwork surrounds the two newer elevator doors. Looking to the north.

Located west of the elevator lobby, the original marble-lined stairway extends from the lower level to the second story. Looking to the west

Detail of first-floor landing of original stairway. Looking to the west.

Marble-lined stairway and elevator lobby provide access to vault in basement. Looking to the west.

The safety deposit vault. The bank claimed that the vault door was the largest and heaviest in the United States at the time of its installation. Looking to the northwest.

Typical elevator lobby on upper floors, featuring bronze surrounds around the elevator doors, terrazzo floors, mail chute. Looking to the east.

The stairway is less ornate on the upper floors. Looking to the south.

The floors on the upper levels have a terrazzo finish. Looking to the east.