State Historic Preservation Office

Garrison Concourse

Name of Property: Garrison Concourse
City or Vicinity: Garrison
County: Crow Wing County
State: MN
Name of Photographer: Scott Kelly
Date of Photographs: December 2012

Documentation (PDF)

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The Garrison Concourse from the south. The streetlight at the left edge of the photo stands close to the western boundary of the nominated property, which is the western edge of the Highway 169 curb. To the right of the lamp, partly obscured by trees, is the small wooden information booth. Near the center of the photo is the fiberglass walleye statue. To the right of the fish is the flagpole with its stone base (and flag flying). Many of the property’s green ash, birch, pine, and spruce trees appear in the photo, as do nine original spirea shrubs near the flagpole (camera facing northeast).

The overlook wall from the north. The headstone-like Tauer Monument stands in the turf near the green ash trees at center right (camera facing southeast).

Return wall which forms one side of the rectangular lookout bay at the northwestern corner of the overlook wall. The bay originally contained two rectangular benches with poured concrete slabs and granite legs. The concourse’s bituminous drive is at right (camera facing east).

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Northern end of the eastern lookout bay (just north of the overlook’s north-south midpoint). The flagstone walkway, which was replaced with (or covered by) poured concrete, is scheduled to be restored in the 2013 construction season (camera facing north).

Southern battered wall of the massive stone overlook. The level of Mille Lacs Lake was unusually low in 2012 when these photographs were taken. In normal years the water laps at the base of the wall (camera facing east).

The central island with its granite curbstones. In the center is the flagpole whose low buttresses and stepped top are inspired by the Art Deco style. Around the flagpole is an original 16’-square flagstone plaza. The flagpole’s stone veneer, flagstone plaza, and metal pole were restored in 2011. At the corners of the plaza are four, modern circular concrete planters. The concrete walk in the center of the photo replaces an original gravel walkway. To the left of the flagpole is one of the site’s two original curved granite and concrete benches. To the right of the flagpole is the wooden information booth. Immediately behind the flagpole (partly obscured) is the fiberglass walleye statue. The concourse island (including curbing, paths, benches, plantings, and other elements) is scheduled to be rehabilitated in 2013 (camera facing west).


The central island with the southern wall of the overlook in the distance. In the foreground is one of the original curved benches. The bench originally had two legs; the middle leg seen in the photo is a remnant of another of the island’s benches that was temporarily set in place by MnDOT to support the cracked concrete seat. Behind the flagpole are several original spirea shrubs (camera facing south).