State Historic Preservation Office

Indian Mounds Park Mound Group

Name of Property: Indian Mounds Park Mound Group
City or Vicinity: St. Paul
County: Ramsey County
State: MN
Name of Photographer: Sigrid Arnott
Date of Photographs: May 4, 2013

Documentation (PDF)

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Mounds 2 and 3, facing south from northern boundary

Mounds 12, 10, 9 and 7, from near right to far left, facing southeast

Mounds 10, 9 and 7, from near left to far right, facing east

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Former location of Mound 16 (between walkway and tower base, left of park bench) and Mound 15 (behind shrubs at base of tower) facing east northeast from southwestern boundary. Note cutting in foreground and fill beneath Airmail beacon tower.

Likely remnant of Mound 6 bisected by overlook retaining wall on south side of Mound 10, facing west.

Two eras and levels of retaining walls on southern side of site support fill beneath circulation features. Oldest is lower level. Suspected remnant of Mound 6 is in background between the retaining wall and large tree on far left of photo. Facing west.


Mounds 7 and 9. Facing northwest.