State Historic Preservation Office

Minnesota Milk Company Building

Name of Property:Minnesota Milk Company Building
City or Vicinity: St. Paul
County: Ramsey County
State: MN
Name of Photographer: Thomas R. Zahn
Date of Photographs: Fall 2012 February 2013

Documentation (PDF)

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Primary 1932 Art Deco elevations at University Avenue and Western Avenue looking south.

University Avenue streetscape looking southeast.

University Avenue 1932 Art Deco elevation looking to the southwest.

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Western Avenue elevation looking east. 1932 Art Deco facade to the left and precast to the right.

East elevation looking west.

East and south elevations of prefab warehouse looking west and north.

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1932 Art Deco west elevation detail along Western Avenue looking east.

Block A public entrance looking west and north.

First floor stair and railing detail looking east.

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Block A first-floor processing room looking east.

Block B first-floor processing room looking west.

Block A second-floor processing room looking east.




Block A basement boiler looking northeast.