State Historic Preservation Office

Inspiration Point Wayside Rest

Name of Property: Inspiration Point Wayside Rest
City or Vicinity: Carrolton Township
County: Fillmore County
State: MN
Name of Photographer: Scott Kelly
Date of Photographs: August 2014

Documentation (PDF)

Inspiration Point Wayside Rest’s main entrance. Highway 16 and its hairpin curve are at right. Most of the trees in the center of the photo are the site’s characteristic Eastern red cedars (camera facing east).

The South Wall and Gateway. At left center is the internal drive and at the left edge is the Parking Bay (camera facing east).

The west end of the South Wall. The Parking Bay is in background (camera facing northeast).

The stone Gateway (camera facing east).

The South Wall and Gateway with red cedars planted as part of the original construction (camera facing southeast).

The South Wall and the Central Lawn. In the center of the photo is a large rock outcrop east of the main entrance that is marked on the original plans for preservation (camera facing west).

The drive extending through the site with the Central Lawn at left (camera facing west).

The Scenic Overlook and Parking Area. Its vehicle entrance is in the center of the photo (camera facing northwest).

The Scenic Overlook and Parking Area ringed with Eastern red cedars (camera facing southwest).

The Scenic Overlook and Parking Area with its central island (camera facing north).

Mortared limestone curb around the island (camera facing east).

The East Picnic Area, adjacent to the Scenic Overlook and Parking Area, with its remaining picnic table bench (camera facing north).

The East Picnic Area’s picnic table bench. The fireplace remnant is located about 20 feet to the northwest (camera facing north).

The Scenic Overlook and Parking Area and its vehicle entrance (camera facing southwest).

The Parking Bay (camera facing east/northeast).

The north wall of the Parking Bay (camera facing east).

The low mortared stone wall (perhaps circa 1940 or 1941) extending southwest from the Parking Bay which prevents erosion by channeling water to an opening (visible at lower right) near the Parking Bay’s western pier (camera facing southwest).

The West Picnic Area, shaded by mature oaks, with one of its two picnic table sets (the westernmost) (camera facing northeast).


The West Picnic Area’s east stone picnic table set. The table in Photo 18 is visible at upper left (camera facing west/northwest).

West entrance that was added circa 1960 when the drive was extended through the West Picnic Area to a field road access point (camera facing southwest).