State Historic Preservation Office

Strutwear Knitting Company Building

Name of Property: Strutwear Knitting Company Building
City or Vicinity: Minneapolis
County: Hennepin County
State: MN
Name of Photographer: Jessica Berglin
Date of Photographs: February 2015

Documentation (PDF)

North (front; right) and east (left) facades, looking southwest.

South (rear) facade, looking north.

View of the atrium addition, looking northeast.

General view of the block, looking east.

West wall, looking northeast.

Setbacks on the upper stories, looking northeast.

Detail of the historic entrance on the north facade, looking south.

Detail of the historic granite landing with inlaid tiles at the historic entrance on the north facade, looking southwest.

Detail of the historic terrazzo steps at the entrance vestibule at the entrance on the north facade, looking south.

Subbasement, showing concrete columns, ceiling, walls, and floor, looking northwest.

Basement, showing concrete column with mushroom capital, looking southwest.

Fourth floor, showing historic column grid and non-historic office finishes typical of most floors, looking north.

Fourth floor, showing non-historic ceiling partially removed to reveal intact mushroom capitals and concrete ceiling, looking southeast.

Tower, showing historic industrial finishes, looking northwest.

Non-historic atrium, looking southeast. The east (left) wall was formerly an exterior wall.