State Historic Preservation Office

Schmid Farmhouse Ruin

Name of Property: Schmid Farmhouse Ruin
City or Vicinity: Minnetrista
County: Hennepin County
State: MN
Name of Photographer: Andrea C. Pizza
Date of Photographs: March 30, 2015

Documentation (PDF)

Overview of Schmid Farmhouse Ruin, looking north

Date stone in gable, looking northeast

Detail of stonework at north corner, looking south

Detail of stonework infilling walls, looking southeast

Remnant of kitchen chimney, looking northeast

Remnant chimney in upright interior, looking southwest

View showing doorways, looking north

Window detail

Interior of upright, showing intact portion of first floor, looking south

View of interior of upright, looking southeast

Porch foundation, looking north

View from northeast side of ruin toward Lake Minnetonka, looking northeast