State Historic Preservation Office

Pequot Fire Lookout Tower

Name of Property: Pequot Fire Lookout Tower
City or Vicinity: Pequot Lakes
County: Crow Wing County
State: MN
Name of Photographer: Scott Kelly
Date of Photographs: October 2011 & 2014

Documentation (PDF)

The lookout tower from County Road 11 outside of (southwest of) the boundary of the nominated property (facing northeast, Oct. 2014).

South and east sides of the tower (facing northwest, Oct. 2014).

East and north sides of the tower (facing southwest, Oct. 2014).

South side of the tower (facing north, Oct. 2014).

The east side of the cab. A modern communications antenna is attached to the southeast corner of the tower (facing west, Oct. 2014).

The lowest flight of steps (facing northwest, Oct. 2014).

Tower detail with steps and corner landing; photo taken midway up the tower (facing northwest, Oct. 2011).

Tower detail and view from the tower; photo taken midway up (facing northwest, Oct. 2011).

Interior of the cab windows before recent repairs (facing southeast, Oct. 2011).

The cab floor and its trap door before recent repairs (facing south, Oct. 2011).

The access road and steel entrance gate near the southwest corner of the property (facing northeast, Oct. 2014).

South side of the access road loop west of the tower. Obscured by the trees at center right is the foundation of the 12' x 16' Warehouse/Office (facing west, Oct. 2011).

North side of the looped access road. This part of the road is no longer in use. The tower is in the upper right corner of the view (facing east, Oct. 2014).

Utility pole located near the stone retaining walls south of the tower (facing south, Oct. 2014).

Southwest corner of the North Retaining Wall. The wall helped create a level area on which the cabin stood. The circa 1985 Utility Shed at upper left stands on part of the spotter’s cabin site (facing northeast, Oct. 2014).

Southeast corner of the South Retaining Wall. The utility pole is in the upper right corner of the view (facing northwest, Oct. 2011).

North end of the poured concrete foundation of the 12' x 16' Warehouse/Office (facing southwest, Oct. 2014).

Poured concrete foundation of the 20' x 26' Warehouse (facing east, Oct. 2014).

Utility Shed (facing southwest, Oct. 2014).

Modern trail approaching the north side of the tower. Note the tall Norway (also called red) pines, likely planted by the CCC (facing south, Oct. 2014).

Modern trail north of the tower (facing southwest, Oct. 2014).


Modern timber trail steps near the northeast corner of the nominated property. The steps are scheduled to be removed because the trail has been rerouted (facing west, Oct. 2014).