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Project reviews involve identification and evaluation of historic properties, evaluation of effects, and planning for avoidance of adverse effects or mitigation. Several projects serve to illustrate the variety of agencies involved and reviews completed and the range of historic resource issues addressed in carrying out Section 106 responsibilities.


Last year the SHPO worked with 29 federal agencies and completed reviews for 3,092 federal undertakings under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. In addition, SHPO worked with 20 state agencies and completed 1,277 reviews under the requirements of the Minnesota Field Archaeology Act and/or the Minnesota Historic Sites Act. As an integral part of the process, the SHPO reviewed and evaluated 36 historic properties to be eligible for listing on the National Register.

Federal Reviews Completed FY 2008

Army 3
Army Corps of Engineers 86
Bureau of Indian Affairs 6
Coast Guard 12
Department of Energy 1
Department of Veterans Affairs 1
Economic Development Administration 3
Environmental Protection Agency 3
Farm Service Agency 160
Federal Aviation Administration 4
Federal Communications Commission 197
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 28
Federal Emergency Management Administration 44
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 19
Federal Highway Administration 31
Forest Service 6
Federal Transit Administration 16
Fish and Wildlife Service 107
General Services Administration 3
Health and Human Services 43
Housing and Urban Development 2046
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 1
National Park Service 11
Natural Resources Conservation Service 12
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency 6
Rural Development 196
Rural Utilities Service 23
Surface Transportation Board 3
United States Postal Service 21

State Reviews Completed FY 2008

Department of Administration 2
Department of Commerce 2
Department of Corrections 1
Department of Employment and Economic Development 893
Department of Health 11
Department of Military Affairs 2
Department of Natural Resources 133
Department of Public Safety 22
Housing Finance Agency 41
Metropolitan Airports Commission 1
Metropolitan Council 10
Minnesota Historical Society 6
Minnesota Department of Transportation 114
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency 4
National Guard 3
Public Finance Authority 8
Public Utilities Commission 16
St. Cloud State University 1
University of Minnesota 4
Veterans Home Board 3

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