Letter from Mary Carpenter, August 17, 1871

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Letters of Mary Carpenter
Minnesota Historical Society Manuscripts Collection P1487

[August 17,1871]

Today is Thursday. I shall be 31 next Monday. I have a constant reminder of you in the ring you sent me. It is much admired. Wish you could have one of my pairs of boots for 50 cts. They were add ones. Both look nice ones and one has elastic [illegible] the other laces on the instep, I got for everyday wear for home. Didn't I do Pretty well? I have written till my head aches but must write a little more& finish up for fear I can't mail it Sat. when I go down if I do not. Mother has written about Frank's health. It is so discouraging for them all. I try to help what I can. We supply them with fresh vegetables for whenever we go down and I let them have butter, eggs & potatoes on [illegible] till they have some means again. All the income they have now is 1.50 a week from Willie's board.

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We lived on that or less last winter, but I know by sad experience it is too hard work. I hope Frank will recover eventually but he does not seem to have much hope of it. He is very low spiritually. Mother had a letter from Aunt Laura the day I was down last but she had not opened it when I came away. My head aches worse & worse so I must stop writing cousin. Can you afford to answer this long delayed letter soon? With love to Aunt Martha

Your affectionate Cousin,
Mary E. L. Carpenter

In lieu of something nicer, will you accept a homemade hair ring of my own braiding & hair? It will look quite pretty over a plain gold one. Please tell me how they are making suits East. I am going to have the alpaca made up that cousin Lucy sent me. The cotton you sent I have worn all summer. It makes a very pretty dress.

Please address letters to me Box 227, the number of our box