Ticket Donation Requests

The Minnesota Historical Society is a nonprofit organization that supports other 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations through ticket donations for fundraising silent auctions. 

Priority is given to the following:

  • Education organizations
  • County historical societies 
  • Arts organizations
  • Social service organizations
  • Medical organizations and medical research

We regret we are unable to make donations to the following types of benefits and organizations:

  • Benefits for a specific individual or family
  • Fundraisers for political purposes
  • Fundraisers for religious organizations
  • Secondary requests on behalf of a national organization (for-profit organizations or individuals raising money for another group such as United Way, American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen, etc…)

In addition:

  • We do not issue monetary donations  
  • Donations are limited to fundraising events only; we do not provide door prizes

Requests must be received 8-12 weeks prior to your event and submitted via the online form only. We no longer accept mailed request for donations. Requests may take up to 4 weeks to process. Approved requests will be sent via ground mail. No phone call solicitations, please. All fields are required; incomplete submissions will not be considered. 

Because of the number of requests we receive for donations, we are not able to honor every request.

To submit a request, please use our contact form and select "Ticket Donation Requests."