Field Trip Facilitator

Historic Fort Snelling viewed from above

If you're looking for an active, short-term volunteer opportunity this is the one for you. You'll be outdoors enjoying the end of cabin fever season as you enhance students' experiences by providing a secure, welcoming environment and learning opportunities in a high-energy setting, historic setting.

Volunteers will commit to a weekly shift on weekday mornings or afternoons from April through early June. A required, three-hour training session will provide you with information about working with school groups and Historic Fort Snelling at Bdote.

Historic Fort Snelling at Bdote is the premier site for understanding the origins of Minnesota as a state, its people, and its significance in our nation’s history. While you assist young learners, you'll expand your own knowledge too!

Become part of the expanding Field Trip Facilitators team which provides meaningful learning experiences to hundreds of Minnesota's students.

Historic Fort Snelling
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