Moral and Divine Law

John La Farge




Second Floor
Supreme Court Chamber

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East Wall

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Description from the artist

Moses is represented receiving the Law “in the mount.” Joshua warns the people away. Aaron kneels in reverence and fear. Clouds and vapor cover parts of the scene. The mountain “is on a smoke.” Fire comes out of the rocks, and the wreaths of vapor crawl out of the crevices. Far below to the left the vapor wreaths ascend.

The studies have been made from personal observation in a volcano and from photographs of the eruptions in the Caribbean Islands (kindly loaned by Professor E. O. Movey). The distance represents a portion of the actual mountain. This subject has been treated in a realistic manner because of the other subjects requiring such treatment and to harmonize with them. There is no distinct archaeology aimed at, but the costumes and the types of character have been carried out in harmony with tradition. It is needless to remark that there are no documents extant.