Transcript for Forest History Center Field Trip Video

Male Narrator: Hello kids! How bout a game of lumberjack lingo?

Boy 1: Lumberjacks had a lot of different words for different things.

Narrator: Question one: If you're a lumberjack,

Boy 2: Daylight in the swamp!

Narrator: And this cook serves you a plate of sweat pads for breakfast...

Woman 1: They're almost ready to come out.

Narrator: You're eating: A – Sausages, B – Toast, or C – Pancakes. And the answer is: C – Pancakes.

[ Music ]

Narrator: That's just some of the lumberjack lingo you'll already know when you head into the woods.

Man 1: Do you kids know anything about trees?

Narrator: To a 1900 logging camp at the Forest History Center.

Students: Heave, ho, heave.

Girl 1: You're learning and having fun at the same time.

Narrator: Get ready to use your muscles just like Minnesota's lumberjacks did.

Man 2: One, two, three! Oooh, good strong arm.

Man 3: Now I am the bull cook here in the camp.

Narrator: You'll meet their helpers.

Man 4: What do you think we feed the horses here in the logging camp?

Narrator: You'll pull some timber.

Boy 3: Giddy up! Giddy up! Giddy up! Giddy up!

Narrator: And you'll let loose...


Narrator: Just like lumberjacks. When all the day's hard work was done. We're looking forward to your visit. But before we go, one more round of lumberjack lingo! If you're enjoying a cup of swamp water...

[ Spit ]

Are you drinking: A – Milk, B – Tea, or C – Root Beer?

Think about it, talk about it, and find out the answer, when you visit, The Forest History Center!

Students: Yeah!