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Press Kit

Find everything you need to spread the word about this project through other media channels. Historic Fort Snelling Revitalization Press Kit

Fort Snelling in the News

5-17-18 | Duluth News Tribune
Former Lawmaker's View: Lawmakers can honor history by investing in Fort Snelling

5-11-18 | Star Tribune
Editorial: Here's a must-do list for the Minnesota Legislature

5-10-18 | Pioneer Press
Minnesota public works borrowing plan: What got in

4-23-18 | Star Tribune
Editorial: Enact bonding bill and support Historic Fort Snelling

4-21-18 | St. Cloud Times
Letter: Support state funding for Fort Snelling

4-19-18 | Pioneer Press
Letters: The stories of Fort Snelling at Bdote

4-4-18 | Rochester Post Bulletin
Time is now for preserving key to our history

4-2-18 | MinnPost
LETTER: Fund a new future at Historic Fort Snelling

3-30-18 | Pioneer Press
Editorial: Revitalize Fort Snelling, tell its remarkable stories

3-29-18 | Star Tribune
COMMENTARY: Historic Fort Snelling: Let's tell all its stories — the military ones, yes, but others, too

3-27-18 | Sun Sailor | hometownsource.com
LETTER: Fort Snelling deserves renovation, new interpretation

3-23-18 | National Trust for Historic Preservation
Minnesota state bond funding essential for Historic Fort Snelling at Bdote

2-19-18 | MinnPost
Historic Fort Snelling must be revitalized

2-18-18 | Pioneer Press
Al Quie: Preserving Fort Snelling and the stories that connect us

2-16-18 | Star Tribune
Minnesota Historical Society broadens how it tells the state's history

2-8-18 | FOX 9
Governor hopes to repair state buildings with money from bonding bill

8-18-17 | Twin Cities Public Television
Television interview: How to Interpret Troubling History

4-13-17 | Pioneer Press
Editorial: Fund the Historic Fort Snelling project

4-4-17 | Rochester Post Bulletin
Our View: After nearly 200 years, Fort Snelling needs work

3-30-17 | Native News Online
Dakota Community Assists to Ceate New Era for Historic Fort Snelling

7-4-16 | Kare11
Historic Fort Snelling holds out hope for bonding bill

5-23-16 | Star Tribune
Editorial: A to-do list for Minnesota Legislature's special session

5-15-16 | Pioneer Press
Edwin Nakasone: ‘Thanks to Fort Snelling, I’ve become Minnesotan all the way through’

5-9-16 | The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead
Forum editorial: Fully fund Snelling project

5-8-16 | Minnesota Military Radio
Historic Fort Snelling and Veteran Legislation

5-6-16 | Pioneer Press
State Bonding For Historic Fort Snelling

4-26-16 | MinnPost
Why should you care about preserving Fort Snelling?

4-20-16 | MPR News
Historic Fort Snelling named 'national treasure'

4-20-16 | CBS Minnesota
Fort Snelling Declared National Treasure

4-20-16 | MNHS News Release
Nation’s Leading Historic Preservation Organization Names ‘Bdote Fort Snelling’ a National Treasure

4-3-16 | KARE 11
Plan to revitalize Historic Fort Snelling includes $34 million request

4-1-16 | Post-Bulletin
Our View: State's history worthy of investment

3-30-16 | St. Cloud Times
State should fund $34 million Fort Snelling project

3-29-16 | Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
What could draw Blacks to Historic Fort Snelling?

3-29-16 | Star Tribune
Minnesota Historical Society wants to reinvigorate, renovate Historic Fort Snelling

3-14-16 | Pioneer Press
Letter to the Editor: A Visit to Historic Fort Snelling

3-10-16 | Minnesota House of Representatives
More than $30 million sought for Fort Snelling rehabilitation funds

3-10-16 | Asian American Press
Nisei soldiers story would be part of Historic Fort Snelling revitalization

3-8-16 | Minnesota Native News
A Make Over is in the Works for MN's Fort Snelling

3-6-16 | Pioneer Press
Editorial: In support of Historic Fort Snelling

2-17-16 | Star Tribune
Renovate Fort Snelling in time for its bicentennial in 2020

10-12-15 | MPR News
200 years later, Fort Snelling looks for a makeover

9-13-15 | Pioneer Press
Japanese Americans recall WWII language mission

7-16-15 | Pioneer Press
Hefty roster of public works projects lands before Minnesota lawmakers

6-13-15 | Pioneer Press
Minnesota Legislature: Deep in budget bills, hidden nuggets found

5-20-15 | Fox 9
Fort Snelling's secret Japanese language school

5-17-15 | Star Tribune
Readers Write: Military history school: A World War II humanity lesson

5-10-15 | Star Tribune
Minnesota history: Secret military language school at Fort Snelling getting recognition