Transcript for Minnesota History Center Field Trip Video


Male narrator: Bring your class to the Minnesota History Center and watch history come alive.

Joan Holper: It’s not just a look with your eyes, it’s a look with your hands and your eyes museum.

Male narrator: Students of all ages actively connect to the past...

Weather announcer: ...And the possibility of an isolated tornado

Male narrator: By touching real artifacts,

Interpreter: They’re made out of silk.

Male narrator: Role-playing in interactive exhibits, and exploring places where history happened.

Students: Boom!

Male narrator: Each field trip to the Minnesota History Center includes a museum visit and a hands-on activity to keep students focused as they explore and uncover stories in the exhibits.

Chaperone: So awesome.

Male narrator: In addition to the museum visit, teachers may add a classroom lesson, the Play the Past mobile app, or both.

Students: Oh, awesome!

Male narrator: Classroom lessons are real stories from Minnesota’s past.

Kathryn McKee: And I need you to chop a hole into our tree.

Chaperone: Oh, dear.


Male narrator: There are many topics to choose from: 50-minute lessons for every grade level that reinforce classroom curriculum and state standards.

Cathy Henderson: It fits our curriculum so well. It matches everything we do with Minnesota. Kids love it.

Male narrator: Play the Past is a program where students use iPods to explore exhibits, collect digital artifacts and unpack them back in the classroom.

Chaperone: Dude, you know we can actually trade items?

Male narrator: A museum visit is six dollars per student. A museum visit plus a classroom lesson or Play the Past is eight dollars per student. All three are ten dollars per student. Teachers and one chaperone per five students are free.

Chaperone: So now I think we get to go to the mine shaft.

Male narrator: Need assistance funding your field trip? Consider applying for a scholarship. Visit to learn more and apply. History Center field trips are convenient from start to finish.

Joan Holper: We love coming to the Minnesota History Center, just for that reason. When we get here it’s extremely easy to get in, get checked in. They are always organized.

Male narrator: Students learn from knowledgeable, helpful staff,

Volunteer: This is a real C47. It was used in WWII.

Male narrator: Listen to unforgettable stories,

Veteran: And I heard this aircraft coming up on my right...

Chaperone: When you see something on paper, it’s different when you actually hear the emotion in their voice.

Chaperone: All the exhibits, they’re just really interesting and we get to learn about it instead of just having to read about it.

Male narrator: All the while building on what they’re studying back at school.

Students: Oh, that’s cool.

Male narrator: Book a field trip to the Minnesota History Center...

Chaperone: You get to interact with it and you guys make it fun for us to learn.

Male narrator: And watch your students connect to history like never before.