Jane Grey Swisshelm

Jane Grey Swisshelm, Location no. por 11054 r2, Negative no. 82257Jane Grey Swisshelm was a well-known woman in the United States when she arrived in Minnesota on June 22, 1857. Swisshelm, already an experienced journalist and editor of the Pittsburgh Saturday Visiter, argued for women's rights and the abolishment of slavery. To escape a troubled marriage and money problems, Swisshelm, along with her young daughter, moved to St. Cloud, Minnesota, to be near family. Soon after their arrival she became editor of the St. Cloud Visiter and later created a new paper known as the St. Cloud Democrat. Her strong political opinions expressed in her papers, helped the early Republican Party dominate Minnesota politics. Jane Grey Swisshelm is known today as an abolitionist, a feminist, and a reconstructionist. Her ability to be heard in a time when women usually remained silent makes her a remembered figure in Minnesota history.


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  • Sylvanus B. Lowry and Family Correspondence
    This archival collection (1858-1863, 1902-1909) contains letters commenting on state politics, Jane Grey Swisshelm, and family business.
    MHS call number: A/-L921; see the green "cutter" Manuscripts Notebooks for more details (there are 11 items); plus additional material on 1 reel of microfilm (A/m.L921).
    Note: Microfilm is available for Interlibrary Loan.
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