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TO PRINT an entry instead of the entire letter (files may be hundreds of pages):

  • Select or highlight the entry.
  • Click "File" then select "Print."
  • On the "Print" screen, under "Page Range" check "Selection" (NOT "All").
  • Click "Print."

Important Tips

Most index entries link to full-text files. These links lead to the beginning of the relevant file. Enter your index term into the “Find” box at the top of the screen or scroll to the page given in the original index entry.

Magazine articles published within the last five years are not available online. Links will lead you to the online store if the magazine is still in print.

Entries created since 1915 by many indexers have been combined using indexing software. Variant references to the same subject may not be fully merged (for example, Johnston, G.; Johnston, George; Johnston, George, trader; and Johnston, George, agent). For best results, SCROLL above and below target entries.

Preferred names for Indian and ethnic groups, events, and other terms have changed over time (for example, Blacks/African Americans, Ojibwe/Ojibway/Chippewa, Dakota/Sioux, Sioux Uprising/Dakota War, World War/World War I). For best results, BROWSE synonyms.

For businesses and entities containing personal names, search by the first initial or first name as well as by the last name (for example, search for the J. R. Clark Company under J. as well as Clark.)

Photocopies of articles not available online may be purchased through the Copy Center.

This index was built upon the hard work of many dedicated professionals, beginning in 1915. Thanks go especially to indexers Nancy Fulton, Teresa Hudoba, and Theresa Wolner and to Rose Sherman, Marj Kelly and Angela Goertz of the Minnesota Historical Society's Information Technology office.